Pencil Sightings – Kohl’s


Okay. I’ll admit it. Once I wandered around Kohl’s for over an hour debating how to spend a voucher for $10. And, yes, one night I did end up there at 11pm to buy necktie for a wedding the following day. But I swear I didn’t enjoy it. And I haven’t been back there in […]

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Pencil Sightings – Popular Mechanics


Popular Mechanics buried a few gems in their September 2014 issue: ”Special Do-It-Yourself Issue: How To Make Anything.” First up. A sweet tip you might have missed if you forgot to study the masthead page vehehehehry carefully… (You bet I’m going to try this. But, of course, with a hand-powered egg-beater-style drill.) And then on pages […]

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