Pencil Sightings – Kohl’s


Okay. I’ll admit it. Once I wandered around Kohl’s for over an hour debating how to spend a voucher for $10. And, yes, one night I did end up there at 11pm to buy necktie for a wedding the following day. But I swear I didn’t enjoy it.

And I haven’t been back there in over a year. Not since the Kohl’s Cash Debacle. A long, sad story indeed. Let’s just say you need at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, preferably with a minor in Grief Counseling, to figure out how much money they are going to take from you if you return anything purchased using, or in any way involving, “Kohl’s Cash.”

But Kohl’s can’t be all bad. Because, well–check out the expert repair job on this nail-poish display…


That’s right folks. Those are two STAPLES HB #2 pencils. They write, they erase, they support.


These ordinary yellow pencils look a little out of place holding up bottles of  ”Kiwi Bikini” and “Fuchsia Fusion.” I think it’s good to be reminded that looking a little out of place is pretty cool–especially at Kohl’s.

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