Pencils are Better than Computers (Part 1)


I don’t really eat bowls full of pencils. That morning, I had oatmeal with coconut flakes, which might have the same amount of roughage.

One morning, in the middle of a rather fibrous breakfast, I found myself wondering,

“When am I supposed to be at work today?”

I have an irregular work schedule, so this is a fair question, which I pondered for a few seconds, and then it came to me,

“My hours are online! I entered them in the calendar last night! Sheeheeheeheer genius!”

Folks, I felt like I had just single-handedly invented cloud computing. Right away, my girlfriend was informed of the incredible foresight and resourcefulness which had come to fruition at our breakfast table.

She was impressed.

As we talked about where to go out for dinner to celebrate, this little hobgoblin appeared:


“Problem loading?!”

I stared at that dumb popup for about two minutes. Like the proverbial pigeon in the box, I started clicking the “Calendar” button over and over. But no pellets came out of the little slot. The machine refused to give me my hours.

Problem loading indeed.

As precious minutes seeped out of my lifespan, I thought,

“I wonder if I can ‘load’ that schedule I wrote with a pencil the other day?”

It was upstairs, on a business card, on my desk.

So I tromped up there…


For perfect loading every time, use a pencil.™





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